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Cadillac Series 355

The Cadillac Series 355 was a prestige American automobile manufactured by the Cadillac company between 1931 and 1935.

The History of the Cadillac Series 355

The Cadillac company was founded by Henry M Leland who at one point was building engines for Oldsmobile; he also worked with Henry Ford. In 1903 the first Cadillac automobile was marketed. The Cadillac Series 355 was first marketed in 1931 and was similar to its predecessor the Cadillac 353 Series, but styling differences included a lower body and longer hood featuring five ports. The car was offered in saloon and coupe styles. The Fleetwood styling company, acquired by Cadillac earlier in its history, offered several further styles of the Cadillac Series 355. Power was provided by a 5.8litre L-Head V8, as on the Series 353, producing 95bhp. A three speed synchromesh gearbox was fitted

Later versions of the Cadillac Series 355

first version of the Cadillac Series 355 was the Cadillac Series 355A. Floor boards were made of metal for the first time. The car was offered in a number of styles: as a four door town car, a limousine, four door sedan, four door convertible, two door coupe and two door convertible. Sales in the first year totalled 10,717. The 1932 Cadillac Series 355 was known as the 355B, and boasted several changes; the body was longer and lower and the front was restyled, and six ports were featured in the hood. Head and side lights became bullet shaped, and dual taillights matched the headlights. The outside visor was removed, improving vision by 30%. The engine output was increased to 115bhp. The Great Depression resulted in sales dropping to 2,700. A three spoke steering wheel allowed clear viewing of instrumentation. 1933 saw the Cadillac Series 355C with radiator cap under the hood, a v-shaped grille in either chrome or paint that matched the body, and sectioned bumpers were introduced. The front doors and rear quarter or rear door windows were given Cadillac’s no-draft Individually Controlled Ventilation, pivoting vent windows. The brakes received vacuum assistance, controlled freewheeling discontinued and the ride control system was extended by the introduction of different shock absorber valves. Later that year the four lobe distributor was replaced by an eight lobe single point unit. In 1934 the Cadillac Series 355 became the D and this series was separated into the Series 10, 20 and 30. Fleetwood produced bodies for the Cadillac Series 355 Series 30, and Fisher the other two. Bhp increased to 120. The bodies of the Cadillac Series 355 D were completely restyled with an emphasis on aerodynamics. The 1935 versions of the Cadillac 355 Series were designated E and remained similar to the 1934 models.