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BMW 502 (1954)

EUR 82.500JPY 10.759.650BGN 161.354CZK 2.140.462DKK 613.569GBP 71.493HUF 29.532.525PLN 374.484RON 405.884SEK 839.231CHF 90.832ISK 12.531.750NOK 834.322HRK 624.979RUB 7.574.754TRY 799.450AUD 128.527BRL 549.788CAD 123.338CNY 642.956HKD 762.878IDR 1.431.747.900ILS 322.517INR 7.327.196KRW 109.830.600MXN 1.974.836MYR 405.545NZD 139.095PHP 4.765.530SGD 131.513THB 3.084.510ZAR 1.428.075

Aangeboden door: EUR 82.500

  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
  • BMW 502
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Mille Miglia
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  • Houtkamp Collection
  • Nederland Nederland
  • Contact:
    Rutger Houtkamp


Aanvraag betreffende BMW 502 (1954) | Voertuig ID: 201689

Bewaren Bookmarked
  • Kenmerken
  • Beschrijving
  • Conditie
  • Merk BMW
  • Model 502
  • Uitvoering 502
  • Serie Typ 502
  • Bouwjaar 1954
  • Carrosserienummer n.a.
  • Transmissienummer n.a.
  • Dokumenten n.a.
  • Conditie categorie n.a.
  • Kilometerstand n.a.
  • Vorige eigenaren n.a.
  • Eerste registratie n.a.
  • Motornummer n.a.
  • Gelijke nummers n.a.

Technische details

  • Carrosserie Sedan
  • Carrosserie detail 4-deurs
  • Vermogen (kW/PK) 74/100
  • Cilinderinhoud (ccm) 2.580
  • Cilinders 8
  • Deuren 4
  • Stuur Links
  • Transmissie Automatisch
  • Versnellingen n.a.
  • Aandrijving Achterkant
  • Remmen voor n.a.
  • Remmen achter n.a.
  • Brandstof Benzine

Individuele configuratie

  • Kleur Wit
  • Kleurbeschrijving van fabrikant n.a.
  • Schuifdak Nee
  • Vouwdak Nee
  • Stuurbekrachtiging Nee
  • Centrale deurvergrendeling Nee
  • Elektrische ramen Nee
  • Interieurkleur Bruin
  • Interieur materiaal Anders
  • Stoel verwarming Nee
  • Airco Nee
  • ABS Nee
  • Airbag Nee
  • Cruise control Nee
  • Mille Miglia Eligible
  • Benefitting from a thorough restoration
  • Complete with impressive file of invoices
  • Extremely elegant body (Baroque Angel)

BMW introduced their 501 model in April 1951 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
It brought with the introduction a solid engineering and luxurious car.
The 501 was priced just over 15,000 DM, making it very much an elite automobile.
Mr. Peter Szymanowski, one-time head of BMW design, was credited with the car’s styling. The design preserved traditional BMW cues, including the double-kidney grille and flared fenders.
The 501, as well as the 502, was nicknamed the ‘Baroque Angel,’ for their flowing, curvaceous appearance.

Powering the Model 501 was a straight-six OHV engine that was mated to a four-speed manual gearbox.

In 1954, BMW introduced a derivation of the 501 saloon, the Model 502. It was Germany’s first post-war V8 powered car.
The engine displaced 2.6 liters with an aluminum alloy block and an available 100 horsepower.
At the time, it was said to be Germany’s fastest production sedan, with a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour.
Along with improved performance, the BMW 502 was fitted with elegant interior fittings.

Standard features included fog lamps and individual front seats.



The former owner of this beautiful BMW 502 V8 is a German friend of us who had a large collection of very rare and impressively nice restored classic cars.
The BMW was 1 of these cars.

After some years of ownership, the BMW went to a workshop/restoration company named Werner Kudla in Germany.
Although the car was already in an extremely nice restored condition, this company went a bit further and did a complete on it seems every technical aspect.
An enormous amount of letters and invoices are with the car explaining which work has been carried out on the engine, the gearbox, the brakes, the clutch etc. etc.

Before the BMW was bought by our friend, the car was impressively restored by 1 a well known BMW specialist.
The result is very impressive and it will be hard to find a car like this in a condition as this specific example has, just because the costs of this restoration has been much higher then the current value of the car.

The BMW is complete with an original sales brochure as well as technical description / Reparaturenanleitung.



The BMW 502 is a car which has almost everything, a prestige look, a lot of space and top class materials both on the exterior as well as the interior.
The body of this specific 502 is extremely nice. Certainly, the car could be shown, but it is restored on a way that she can be driven as well and therefore it is an ideal event car.

The body of the BMW has very nice panel fits and gaps and the paintwork is impressively nice and definitely for such a large car which did not had the value to restore on a very high level because the costs were much higher then the value.

The chrome has been completely renewed and is all in excellent order.



During the restoration, the former owner choose for an brown/beige interior which combines absolutely fantastic with the exterior.
It gives the car a finishing touch and it turns the car in a piece of art. Customers who are passing the car in our showroom are very (positively) surprised when they see the beautiful brown interior.

The interior of a BMW 502 is already very nice but this one is particularly extremely well done during the restoration.

The materials used are at a very high level and all the details on the dashboard and instruments were comprehensively and correctly restored.


The engine compartment and trunk were also thoroughly restored and are highly detailed. The engine is extremely clean and shows great attention to detail.
The big V8 engine is already impress to see but definitely if it is surrounded in a highly detailed area.

In the trunk one can find the original spare wheel.



When the key of the 502 is turned, the engine starts easily and it become immediately clear that the engine is running very strong. But as written above, also the engine has been checked by the workshop who carried out a lot of work on this car.
After a small fight with the gearbox (just because we did not know how to get the car in reverse) the car is driving absolutely amazing.
This is such a car which gives immediately a smile on the face when driving her because she has many enjoyable aspects such as the amazing sound and power in the car.

The transmission shifts very well with good synchro’s, both when warm and cold. The clutch is easy to use and response direct.

The brakes are excellent as well.

This car feels as having a lot of money spend on it.

Due to the fact that a BMW 502 has driven in period the Mille Miglia and because this example is a 1954 example, this specific example is eligible for the world’s greatest race!

Conditie, registratie en papieren

  • Mille Miglia toegelaten
  • Toegelaten
  • Rijklaar

Voertuig ID: 201689

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