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Ford RS200 (1986)

The lowest-mileage Ford RS200 we have seen

279.517 EUR35.425.983 JPY546.679 BGN7.320.550 CZK2.079.187 DKK250.000 GBP100.531.081 HUF1.264.758 PLN1.361.611 RON2.819.711 SEK302.214 CHF43.660.554 ISK2.900.408 NOK2.118.879 HRK25.171.539 RUB2.545.002 TRY440.016 AUD1.861.360 BRL433.531 CAD2.196.333 CNY2.636.237 HKD4.808.175.792 IDR1.074.491 ILS24.902.588 INR373.540.915 KRW6.792.542 MXN1.379.221 MYR473.502 NZD16.333.296 PHP451.308 SGD10.241.782 THB5.234.487 ZAR

Offerto per: 250.000 GBP

  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
  • Ford RS200
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  • Girardo & Co
  • Regno Unito Regno Unito
  • Contatto:
    Max Girardo


Richiesta di Ford RS200 (1986) | ID veicolo: 223627

Salva Salvato
  • Dati veicolo
  • Descrizione
  • Condizioni
  • Marca Ford
  • Modello RS
  • Versione RS200
  • Serie di fabbricazione N/D
  • Anno di fabbricazione 1986
  • Numero di telaio SFACXXBJ2CGL00171
  • Numero del cambio N/D
  • Perizia N/D
  • Condizioni Originale
  • Chilometraggio 1.200 mls
  • Numero di proprietari precedenti N/D
  • Prima immatricolazione N/D
  • Numero del motore N/D
  • Matching numbers N/D

Dettagli tecnici

  • Per carrozzeria Coupe
  • Tipo carrozzeria Fastback
  • Potenza (kW/CV) 184/250
  • Cilindrata (ccm) 1.803
  • Cilindri 4
  • Porte 2
  • Posizione volante Sinistra
  • Cambio Manuale
  • Marce 5
  • Trazione Integrale
  • Freno anteriore N/D
  • Freno posteriore N/D
  • Carburante Benzina

Configurazione individuale

  • Colore carrozzeria Bianco
  • Denominazione colore del produttore Diamond White
  • Tettuccio apribile No
  • Decappottabile No
  • Servosterzo No
  • Chiusura centralizzata No
  • Alzacristalli elettrici No
  • Colore interni Grigio
  • Materiale interni Altri
  • Riscaldamento dei sedili No
  • Climatizzatore No
  • Sistema ABS No
  • Airbag No
  • Regolazione velocità automatica No


A genuine time capsule, displaying fewer than 1,200 miles from new

Fresh from a mechanical restoration totaling £30,000

Fitted with the rare optional two-/four-wheel locked differentials

One of the rarest and most useable Group B homologation specials

The Ford RS200

Did you know that the three-times Formula 1 World Champion Jackie Stewart had a major hand in developing Ford’s Group B thoroughbred, the RS200? Or that its chassis was the work of the accomplished Formula 1 designer Tony Southgate?

The lesser-known facts go some way to explain just how much effort and expense Ford invested (£10m, in case you were wondering) in the mid-engined car with which it wanted to write the next chapter of its World Rally Championship legacy.

Alas, the writing was already on the wall for Group B by the time the RS200 hit the special stages and the Ford’s great potential was sadly curtailed. Everyone knew that had it been afforded the chance, the RS200 – in its 700HP-plus Evolution guise – would have wiped the floor with everyone. It was glorious Group B’s logical next step.

If the frenzy this car caused when we recently posted some photos of its on social media is anything to go by, the road-going Ford RS200 is a car that resonates with a great number of people. Okay, so it was a pussycat in comparison to the rally car, but that doesn’t mean it was a pussycat full stop.

Quite the contrary, in fact – this was a lightweight mid-engined four-wheel-drive sports car designed from the ground up as a rally winner and whose turbocharged BDT engine produced an ample 250HP, after all. Miraculously, the RS200 also errs on the right side of useable, unlike the majority of its Group B homologation counterparts.

Ford Motorsport in Boreham was supposed to build 200 RS200s in order to homologate the rally version, though the authority on the model Justin Smith reckons that as few as 147 were actually sold, 90 of which were left-hand drive.


This Ford RS200

Museum piece. That’s how we’d describe this time-warp Ford RS200, which has covered a scant 1,200 miles since it left the factory in 1986. Whether you agree or not with buying cars to hide away and look at rather than drive is beside the point. The condition of this RS200 is nothing short of extraordinary, which is a testament to the restraint of its small number of owners over the years. It even retains the slightly disconcerting ‘Cold Start Procedure’ sticker on the windscreen. “Failure to observe correct procedure may result in expensive engine damage.” Yikes.

A left-hand-drive example, this Diamond White RS200 was built in 1986, fitted with the optional two-/four-wheel-drive locked differentials, which were operated by a smaller lever beside the gearstick. Ford retained the car until December of 1988, using it occasionally for promotional purposes (there are multiple photos of it in Fast Ford magazine), before it was sold to the Colorado-based entrepreneur and author Robert DeLano for £30,000. It arrived stateside on the 24th December, just in time for DeLano to enjoy a liberal Christmas Day dose of Group B lunacy.

In 2002, the RS200 was sold to Oregon with just 498 miles on the clock. After a four-year spell on the West Coast, it was bought by the managing director of a Ford dealership in Pahiatua, New Zealand. So proud was he of his new Group B time capsule that he displayed the car in pride of place in his showroom and had the Bush Telegraph, a nearby newspaper, publish a story about it.

This RS200’s next Australian owner Andrei Shinkarenko imported it from New Zealand to South Queensland in March of 2011. With a car that had barely travelled 1,000 miles, he recognized the importance of preserving its originality, storing it carefully for almost a decade. After a surprise feature on Silodrome in 2019, the car’s next owner took the decision to restore the car mechanically, entrusting the work to Dutton Motorsport. Between March and August of 2020, a total of 54,320 Australian dollars was spent on refreshing this RS200.

Not only is this Group B homologation special presented in the most beguilingly original condition and accompanied by an expansive history file, but it’s also on the button and ready to be enjoyed. The reference RS200? We certainly think so.


The following documentation accompanies this car:

Ford RS200 owner’s manual

Ford RS200 sales brochure

Ultra-rare Ford RS200 press kit

Ford commercial invoice, 1988

USA import entry summary, 1988

Air waybill, 1988

USA EPA form, 1989

Sales invoice, 1993

Sales invoice, 2002

Insurance identification card, 2003

Bush Telegraph feature, 2010

Australian vehicle import approval, 2011

Dutton Motorsport invoices for mechanical restoration

Copy of 1988 Ford RS200 service parts

Copy of FIA homologation papers

Copy of Ford Motorsport price list, 1991

Girardo & Co. History report

Girardo & Co. History file

Price: £250,000 (GBP)

Condizioni, immatricolazioni & documenti

  • Immatricolato
  • Pronta a partire
  • Senza incidenti

ID veicolo: 223627

ID veicolo concessionario: SI105

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