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Bild 50/50 von BMW 635 CSi (1986)
1986 | BMW 635 CSi

BMW 6 Serie 635 CSI 38.201 KM! FACTORY NEW CONDITION! True collector's quality, Low mileage of 38.201 kilometers, Offered with complete history file from new, Executed with electric seat adjustment with memory - electric sliding roof - M sports suspension - climate and more factory options, "Platanengrün" with Pearl beige leather,

78.500 €


Interior colour: beige
Registration number: BM-34-33

It's actually quite simple: we are great enthusiasts of a wide range of (classic) cars. Sometimes cars come into Gallery Aaldering that we can't stop admiring. This BMW 635 CSi is one of those, as a better and more beautiful example is nearly impossible to find nowadays, but more on that later.

Let's go back to 1976. BMW introduced the 6-series, also known as the E24, to the public. It didn't take long for BMW to score a huge hit with this model. Why? Because this BMW combined several appealing features: a sporty coupe with fantastic engines suitable for the German Autobahn, a beautiful interior that is very modern for its time with, among other things, an onboard computer, and the typical BMW cockpit where everything is designed for the driver. It also turned out that BMW had designed the 6-series so well that BMW owners greatly appreciated its reliability. The technology was partly based on the BMW 5-series of that time. The introduction of the 6-series combined several features that were later found in the new 7-series, which had not yet been introduced at that time. Some features of the BMW E24 include disc brakes all around, power steering, and independent wheel suspension.

We present here a BMW 635 CSi in showroom condition with only 38,000 kilometers. This is an incredibly beautiful BMW in a condition that has become an absolute rarity nowadays. Some details: the complete tool set is present, the insulation under the hood is fully intact, the carpets in the interior smell like new, the original paint shines as it did in 1986, and the leather is as supple and soft as it was almost 40 years ago. The engine runs smoothly. Sometimes it's hard to describe the condition of a car in words, but hopefully this gives you an impression. This is a 6-series from the last series of the E24, and this particular model is richly equipped, including a sunroof, electrically adjustable seats with memory function, electric windows, Becker Mexico radio, and more.

We deliver this BMW with the complete history from the first day of delivery, and the documentation comes in two large folders. It is clear that the mileage is verifiable and that the documentation is abundantly present. We have already included some photos of the documentation for you.

The body, executed in the beautiful color 'Platanengrün', is almost in new condition considering this BMW is nearly 40 years old. The fit of the various body panels is perfect. The car is in its original paint. The windows are in beautiful condition, as are the rims and bumpers. Inside, we find a completely intact interior that is practically in new condition. The gear lever looks like new, the steering wheel looks unused, and the entire instrument panel with onboard computer works just as it did four decades ago. The underside of the car is just as beautiful as the rest of the car.

Have you seen the photos of this BMW under the hood? We don't want to be repetitive, but mint is indeed the condition of the whole car. The fantastic six-cylinder engine starts immediately, runs smoothly, and has that typical BMW sound that can still be heard in various BMW models decades later. The clutch operates silently and smoothly, the gear lever feels tight and shifts precisely, and the power steering works flawlessly. It is a great pleasure to be on the road with this BMW. The suspension still feels like a new one, and it goes without saying that a BMW of this caliber in this condition simply has outstanding road holding and, in our opinion, offers a beautiful mix of sporty and comfort, something that is (sadly) often no longer the case with modern cars.
If you are looking for a BMW 6-series in collector's condition, look no further. This BMW 635 CSi is in absolute mint condition with very low mileage and is a great example of BMW's elegant 80s coupe with the delightful six-cylinder engine.

Are you interested in this spectacular BMW 635 CSi? Contact us today; we are happy to help you further. You are welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen, active since 1975. We have years of experience exporting a wide variety of vehicles worldwide. Ask about the possibilities.

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Serie di modelli
Serie 6
635 CSi
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Non fornito
Anno di fabbricazione
38.201 km
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Non fornito
Numero del cambio
Non fornito
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Non fornito
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Non fornito

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Cilindrata (cm³)
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Non fornito
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