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Biscúter 200 (1953)

11.500 EUR1.417.720 JPY22.492 BGN303.612 CZK85.693 DKK10.278 GBP4.142.875 HUF51.398 PLN56.040 RON117.455 SEK12.434 CHF1.857.250 ISK123.182 NOK87.020 HRK1.035.702 RUB105.294 TRY18.660 AUD72.420 BRL17.841 CAD89.493 CNY105.806 HKD192.589.695 IDR45.703 ILS1.012.126 INR15.071.325 KRW276.121 MXN55.786 MYR19.717 NZD658.570 PHP18.305 SGD413.816 THB210.236 ZAR

Offerto per: 11.500 EUR

  • Biscúter 200
  • Biscúter 200
  • Biscúter 200
  • Biscúter 200
  • Biscúter 200
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  • Potomac Classics BV.
  • Paesi Bassi Paesi Bassi
  • Contatto:
    Roy Bolks


Richiesta di Biscúter 200 (1953) | ID veicolo: 174806

Salva Salvato
  • Dati veicolo
  • Descrizione
  • Condizioni
  • Marca Biscúter
  • Modello 200
  • Versione 200
  • Serie di fabbricazione N/D
  • Anno di fabbricazione 1953
  • Numero di telaio N/D
  • Numero del cambio N/D
  • Perizia N/D
  • Condizioni N/D
  • Chilometraggio N/D
  • Numero di proprietari precedenti N/D
  • Prima immatricolazione N/D
  • Numero del motore N/D
  • Matching numbers N/D

Dettagli tecnici

  • Per carrozzeria Cabriolet
  • Tipo carrozzeria Decappottabile
  • Potenza (kW/CV) 7/9
  • Cilindrata (ccm) 197
  • Cilindri 1
  • Porte 0
  • Posizione volante Sinistra
  • Cambio Manuale
  • Marce N/D
  • Trazione Posteriore
  • Freno anteriore N/D
  • Freno posteriore N/D
  • Carburante Benzina

Configurazione individuale

  • Colore carrozzeria Blu
  • Denominazione colore del produttore N/D
  • Tettuccio apribile No
  • Decappottabile No
  • Servosterzo No
  • Chiusura centralizzata No
  • Alzacristalli elettrici No
  • Colore interni Beige
  • Materiale interni Altri
  • Riscaldamento dei sedili No
  • Climatizzatore No
  • Sistema ABS No
  • Airbag No
  • Regolazione velocità automatica No

This beautiful Voisin Biscúter is originally from a museum in Portugal and is just a nice Microcar if you want something different than a simple SUV.

Biscúter (Spanish spelling for the pronunciation of BiScooter) was a microcar manufactured in Spain, by Auto Nacional, SA, from 1953 to 1960, total of all versions around 10,000 units Raw material shortages and general economic difficulties in Europe following the Second World War made very small, economical cars popular in many countries. In Spain, following the Spanish Civil War and the embargo declared by the United Nations against General Francisco Franco's dictatorship, the situation was even worse. The combination of relative underdevelopment, war devastation and an international trade embargo meant that the country operated at a much lower economic level than the rest of Western Europe for nearly two decades and was forced to develop domestic substitutes for hard-to-get imported products and technologies. The Biscúter, tiny, simple, and cheap even by microcar standards, was a product of this economic environment and was well suited to its time and market. The car had its origins in France in the late 1940s, where aircraft and car designer and manufacturer Gabriel Voisin had designed a minimal car called the Biscooter for Avions Voisin. The playful name implied that it was about the size of two motorscooters, or a scooter with four wheels. The design drew no interest from either manufacturers or consumers there, however, and he eventually licensed it to Spanish firm Autonacional S.A. of Barcelona. By the time it was introduced in 1953, the marque had been hispanicized to Biscúter. The first car had no formal model name and was called simply the Series 100, but it soon became known as the Zapatilla, or little shoe (clog), after a low-heeled peasant slipper popular at the time.The Zapatilla was minimal indeed, with no doors or windows or reverse gear. The 1 cylinder, 197 cc, two-stroke motor produced 9 horsepower (7 kW), had a crank starter, and drove only the right front wheel. It had a large, oil-filled cylinder head, to compensate overheating during traffic light arrests, and avoid overcooling while on road at higher speeds, producing a: 'Temperature Buffer' effect. Braking was by an unusual three-point system involving the transmission and cable ties to the two rear wheels. One genuinely advanced feature was an all-aluminum body, although steel was later used. 

We are open on Saturday 9-13 hour, rest of the week on appointment. We can arrange German, or other papers for the car. We are located 7 km from the German border. Car can be seen at appointment. We can also arrange transport for the car around the world.

Condizioni, immatricolazioni & documenti

  • Immatricolato
  • Pronta a partire

ID veicolo: 174806

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Inserisci un numero illimitato di veicoli. Usa Classic Trader come canale di vendita professionale e approfitta dei nostri servizi.