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Classic Trader is expanding security checks on its online marketplace and, as a first step, offers private sellers the opportunity to verify their identity with online validation. In collaboration with the payment and financial service provider Stripe, the identity verification is carried out using a photo sequence of the person and their biometric photo ID. From now on, all advertisements from verified private sellers will have a white tick in a green symbol – with a corresponding textual note.

Transparency and security have been top priorities for Classic Trader users since the company was founded. Every private advertisement goes through a careful security check. This is always done using in-house security algorithms, supported in cases of doubt by the trained eyes of experienced employees. Dealer accounts are also only activated after prior fraud and security checks and a personal application.

Now Classic Trader is adding validation of user identities to its security check. In collaboration with Stripe Payments Europe Limited, private individuals can verify themselves in just a few steps. To do this, the user takes a web-based photo sequence of themselves and their own identification document before publishing their advertisement on The biometric data is compared taking European data protection standards into account. If the identity can be validated, the user receives a confirmation and his advertisement has the desired attribute “verified identity” with a green symbol with white tick. The following sentence is displayed via a mouse-over: “The identity of this seller was verified.” In the negative case, an extended security check follows and, if the suspicion of fraud is confirmed, the user and his advertisement are blocked.

Validation creates more credibility for private sellers

In an introductory phase, the validation is initially aimed at private sellers, who can use it to give their advertisement more transparency and credibility in international trade. The process is currently available to all users with a Classic Trader private account when publishing an advertisement.

“Security and transparency for buyers and sellers are certainly the biggest challenges for online marketplaces,” confirms Torsten Claus, co-founder and managing director of Classic Trader. “The review of each individual private advertisement was already a clear differentiating factor. Verifying the identity of private sellers adds another component to Classic Trader’s security architecture and further increases security for prospective buyers.”

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Author: Paolo Ollig

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