THE PRESS LAUNCH RANGE ROVER N° 9 – Ancestor of one of the most iconic classics ever

During June 1970 Land Rover finally announced the press launch of the first Range Rover model. The ingenious creative minds of Graham Bannock, Spencer King and Gordon Bashford gave birth to the “world’s most versatile motor car”.

Twenty models were produced for the presentation, in four iconic colors: Masai red, Davos white, Tuscan blue and Lincoln green.

Today just thirteen of the original cars survived. This model that British Garage is presenting to you is one of that batch, it shows itself just as it was, since it was never restored. The chassis number is 35500034A, so it’s the ninth Range Rover produced, excluding the pre-production models.

In the 70’s it has been represented in various movie pictures and it’s also included in some notable book publications.

Conceived to be comfortable in long travels, incorporating it’s innovative coil springs, at the same time for being a luxury seven days motor car for all business, social and domestic purposes.

The Solihull company, after developing some prototypes since 1967, finally was able to present to the world a definitive SUV model that combined the immensely strong chassis of their emblematic Land Rover models with the charme and comfort of the Rover motor cars.

It’s been 50 years since the first batch has been presented to the press that day in Cornwall, Wales and the Range Rover remains one of the legendary icons in of 4×4 vehicles.

Author: Martin Pieper

As editor Martin regularly writes about all topics related to motorsports, motorcycles and events. Classic dreams: A Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL and many, many superbikes.

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