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A rare Audi Sport quattro was sold for the very impressive amount of 425.000 EUR via Classic Trader. A Portuguese collector acquired the Audi at PreSelect in Berlin. The paid purchasing price is said to be one of the highest figures achieved on the open market.

Back in 1984: Even as a new model the Audi Sport quattro was already a much desired car. Merely 220 units were produced for the Group B FIA homologation. About 170 of those models went to private owners. But due to its great success on various rallye courses, owed to Stig Blomqvist, Hannu Mikkola and Walter Röhrl, the Sport quattro was a very sought after verhicle despite the starting catalogue price of 195.000 DM which as from 1985 went up to 203.850 DM. With this the Sport quattro became the most expensive sports-car in German manufacturing – about twice as costly as the back then definitely exclusive Porsche 930 Turbo.


Also as a classic the Audi is quite coveted, more so since the number of well-groomed or restored models is rather severely diminished due to the sports-cars frequent popularity in motor racing. The offered Audi comes from a single pre-owner and distinguishes itself through its substantially original condition, from the original coat of paint in Tornado Red to the long-since decommissioned on-board car telephone. Only the aluminium engine block was – as it is the case with almost every Sport quattro – replaced by the manufacturer with an engine block made of steel.

The Audi Sport Quattro had to do its fair share of waiting in PreSelect’s showroom at the Classic Remise Berlin while being marketed and advertised on Classic Trader. Among other things the Sport quattro advertisement was the most accessed one in the entire hardcopy Classic Trader magazine as well as its e-paper version. Also Classic Trader’s social media postings on facebook and instagram, reaching about 200.000 followers, caused a huge resonance and ultimately made the ad go viral.


Burkhard Steins, who deals with collectible classic cars, mainly profited from Classic Trader’s reach. With more than five millions in page views alone Classic Trader is Europe’s greatest specialized online marketplace for classic automobiles and motorcycles. „Being able to offer an extraordinary car is one thing. But for its internationally successful marketing it is absolutely vital to have a partner who reaches potential buyers across national borders and generates trust through transparency. So it is positively distinctive that a collector from Portugal became aware of this vehicle through Classic Trader. This international character is a great gain, especially for me as dealer”, according to Burkhard Steins from PreSelect.

To Christian Plagemann, managing director at Classic Trader, the high sales revenue in this case is an indicator for the current market situation: „Even though the market for classic cars has calmed down in the past couple of months and years the truly rare and special vehicles can still reach top prices. To my knowledge these 425.000 EUR which were paid for this Sport quattro mark one of the highest amounts ever achieved by this particular type of car.” This assessment is supported by Classic Trader’s observation of the market. Back in 2010 the replacement value of an Audi Sport quattro was estimated around 170.000 EUR, today 420.000 EUR are considered the general benchmark. In the course of the past nine years this reveals a 150 percent increase in value.

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