1. Eligibility for participation: All persons who are of legal age are entitled to participate. Employees of the Classic Trader GmbH are excluded from participating in this raffle.

2. Price: In the course of the Classic Trader Advent raffles for the first to fourth Advent, the prize mentioned in the respective article will be raffled off. Furthermore, by participating in one of the Advent raffles, the participant will automatically be registered for the final grand raffle on 24. December.

3. Participation: The winners will be drawn at random from all qualified participants who have registered via the contact form (to be seen at the bottom of the respective Advent raffle article). The winner will be contacted, a feedback via e-mail (to [email protected]) and explicit acceptance of the draw by the winners is necessary.

Participation implies agreement to the present conditions of participation. Participation is free of charge and independent of the purchase of goods and services. Classic Trader is not liable for the participants‘ content, such as comments, links or pictures on Instagram or Facebook, which are unlawful. The raffle is promoted via but not sponsored by Instagram/Facebook.

4. Miscellaneous: Legal recourse is excluded. The price will not be paid in cash. The present conditions of participation are exclusively subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Privacy Policy: The personal data you provide in the context of this competition, will be used exclusively for the conduct of the competition. After completion of this raffle your data will be deleted. Your data will not be shared or sold to other companies.

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