Editor’s Picks – British Classics

There are so many exciting classics on the market, many of which are hidden away. In the Editor’s Picks series, the Classic Trader editorial team regularly presents your favourites from over 13,000 offers on www.classic-trader.com.

This time we’ve put together some hand-picked British classics for your inspiration. Absolutely subjective, sometimes completely irrational and sometimes only a tiny detail is decisive. The five vehicles made it into the selection this time:


The last real super sports car from Jaguar, which unfortunately flopped at the time due to various conceptual changes and a dramatic price increase. The Jaguar XJ220, which was presented as a competitor to the Bugatti’s EB 110, Ferrari’s F40 and the Porsche 959, was one of the most media-acclaimed super sports cars of the late 1980s, with over 1,500 pre-orders.

Unfortunately, production didn’t start until the early 1990s, forcing Jaguar to meet modern emission standards, changing the concept of the car from a V12 to a turbocharged V6 concept while almost doubling the price, making it almost twice as expensive as made a Ferrari F40. The majority of the buyers jumped out, so that in the end only around 275 were sold.


Bristol 411 Mk. III (1972) – the elegant Underdog

Editors Picks Bristol 411 (5)

Certainly one of the most beautiful English sedans from the early 1970s, but unfortunately it is unknown in large parts of the world. British understatement meets American V8 power. Compared to the more modern and radical design by Iso Rivolta, Jensen and Aston Martin V8, the Bristol 411 has a more classic design. Significant facelifts helped Bristol remain attractive to buyers and weather the oil crisis of the 1970s – unlike the aforementioned brands.

this Bristol 411 IS CURRENTLY FOR SALE:

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera (2019) – an Homage to the original DBS

James Bond special edition with special paintwork reminiscent of the original DBS and Bond car from 1969. The successful legacy of the Vanquish in the OHMSS James Bond Special Edition limited to 50 vehicles in olive green, with special grille and special rims as a reminiscence of the Aston Martin DBS Vantage from 1969, which George Lazenby drove as James Bond in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” .

This Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is currently for sale:

Lotus Esprit Turbo (1985) – the 1980s icon

Editors Picks Lotus Esprit Turbo (1)

Drawn by Giugiaro and set the style for an entire era of wedge-shaped sports cars. The Lotus Esprit also achieved world fame through its water dive in the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Apart from that, it is a veritable sports car. More 1980s is not possible.

this Lotus Esprit Turbo is currently for sale:

Land Rover 110 (1988) – OFf-road with seven people? no Problem!

Editors Picks Land Rover 110 (7)

Stylishly perfected Land Rover Defender from the late 80s, as a convertible for up to 7 people. It is suitable for family outings as well as for ambitious off-road adventures. His reliable Rover V8 and permanent all-wheel drive are the perfect partners for this.

this Land Rover 110 is currently for sale:

Photos Belrose Classics, Lotus-Morgan-Donkervoort, SuperVettura, Car Cave BVBA

Author: Christian Plagemann

Christian Plagemann is one of two founders and Managing Directors of Classic Trader. Dream ride: Lamborghini Miura Current Ride: Mercedes-Benz 180 D Ponton

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