Classic Trader heralds a new era with a new logo

Classic Trader, Europe’s marketplace for classic and vintage cars, is giving its brand presence a fresh coat of paint with a new Classic Trader logo. From now on, not only the online marketplace will bear the new logo, but also the Classic Trader magazine and the complementary services of CT Inspections and CT Warranty.

Since the founding of Classic Trader GmbH in 2013, the stylised letters C and T have adorned the brand as a logo. Oriented to the Rudge central shutter, the letters – initially blue and later grey and sometimes accompanied by the claim “Driven by Desire” – stood for the brand core of Classic Trader.

Ten years later, the online marketplace remains unchanged at the heart of Classic Trader. Around the buying and selling of classic vehicles, the Berlin-based company has meanwhile established other successful products. The Classic Trader magazine and the digital appraisal standard CT Inspections are among them, as are the insurance products of CT Warranty.

Paying tribute to this wide-ranging portfolio, a new Classic Trader logo has been developed in recent months that bridges the gap between all products from the Classic Trader world. Internally in our own graphics department under the direction of Claudius Melzer, a clear visual and formal language was found that brings several advantages and innovations with it.

On the one hand, the technical advantages immediately catch the eye. The balanced ratio between height and width makes the figurative mark versatile for use online and in print. On the other hand, the figurative mark is also even more clearly recognisable as the letters “CT”, which is particularly important to Torsten Claus, founder and managing director of Classic Trader: “Behind the sales-accompanying products that we have successfully launched in recent months is Classic Trader’s vision of transparent and secure buying and selling of classics. This affiliation should also be reflected in the clear and binding design language of the new logo.”

Author: Paolo Ollig

As editor-in-chief Paolo regularly writes about all the big and small stories related to classic cars and motorbikes. Classic dreams: Lamborghini Countach and Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.

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