Classic Cars Pop-Up Store 2021 – The ultimate Classics Event of the Year

Classic Cars Pop-Up Store

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Together with Potomac Classics and Metropole Druten, we will organize the second edition of our Classic Cars Pop-Up Store in 11th March – 12th April 2021. For a whole month we will offer over 300 selected classic vehicles for sale at the stunning private classic cars museum Metropole Druten in the Netherlands.

The Classic Cars Pop-Up Store

In 2019 we introduced a new concept into the world of classic vehicles: A Pop-Up Store!

Pop-Up Stores are temporary sales events that especially luxury brands have used before to offer special collections for sale in special locations. For our Classic Cars Pop-Up Store 2019 we gathered more than 200 classics together that were offered for sale at Metropole Druten. The Classic Cars Pop-Up Store was limited to one month, in which all classics where accessible and for sale. The success of the event was more than a surprise for us. We were able to sell more than 50% of all vehicles in one month.

The Classic Cars Pop-UP Store 2021

Based on the huge success of last year’s event, we will be establishing another Pop-Up Store in March 2021. This event will combine both online and offline ways to sell to conform to the Covid-regulations. The Pop-Up store will be based again at the Metropole Druten and will offer various special events ranging from live auctions to all cars being part of the unique online fair “Classics to Click” as an additional sales channel.

The Location

The Metropole Druten is home to a stunning collection of more than 100 unique cars in Europe and will next year be home to a never seen before Truck-Museum spread over 5,000 sqm. The Truck Museum will have its grand opening at the same time as the Classic Cars Pop-Up Store is taking place.

Metropole Druten
Meubellaan 1 / Via Enzo Ferrari
NL 6651KV Druten

Included services for consignors

The following services are included when you consign one or more vehicles to the Classic Cars Pop-Up Store 2021:

– Professional Detailing of Vehicle (s)

– Professional photos of the vehicle(s)

– Promotion on the Classic Trader website

– Promotion on Mobile website

– Participation at the Classics to Click online fair.

– Entrance ticket to the Metropole Druten (incl. new truck museum)


For each vehicle (lot) a consignment fee must be paid in advance. This fee is structured as follows:

– Lot Fee 1 (over 30.000 € list price): 349,00 €

– Lot Fee 2 (under 30.000 € list price): 299,00 €

– Lot Fee 3 (for private sellers): 200,00 €

As a Classic Trader customer, you can enjoy further price advantages! Please contact us if you are interested.

In case of a sale, a sales commission applies, which is structed as follows:

– Commission (over 30.000 € offer price): 5,0%

– Commission (below 30.000 € offer price): 2,5%

Key Facts

At the Classic Cars Pop-Up Store we will offer more than 300 classic cars for sale for one month. Discover highlights like online-auctions, live-coverage and one of Europe’s most exciting private collections.

Date: 11th March 2021-12th April 2021

Location: Metropole Druten


In just a few clicks you can also take part in this exciting event with your car/cars. All you need to do is enter your information below and enter the car/cars you want to sell at the event and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your attendance.

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Vehicle Details

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Author: Martin Pieper

As editor Martin regularly writes about all topics related to motorsports, motorcycles and events. Classic dreams: A Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL and many, many superbikes.

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