Unique 12 cylinder, 1760hp build sold: 1975 Jameson Merlin

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What creates the special fascination that surrounds classic cars? Is it power, craftmanship, history or rarity? During the sale of the 1975 Jameson Merlin at the Classic Cars Pop-Up Store we were able to witness a car that combines all of those.

Fiberglass, 1760HP & 185MPH: The Jameson Merlin

End of March the Louwman Museum in Den Haag delivered a very special vehicle to the Classic Cars Pop-Up Store: The Jameson Merlin. This handcrafted build combines 6 wheels and a former airplane engine from Rolls Royce with breathtaking 1760hp. With the additional fiberglass body, Paul Jameson’s construction cost around 2500£ and was able to do 185mph right away. This instantly made it one of the fastest road-legal cars worldwide in 1975. The 12 cylinder, engine which is named after the merlin-falcon, was used in many british and american planes throughout its production cycle and sports astonishing 27l cubic capacity.

The Jameson Merlin returns to its builders family

Besides his unusual body that was partly necessary because of the underlying technical complexity, a potential buyer has made contact with the sales team even before the beginning of our event. This potential buyer closes the circle to the roots of the Jameson Merlin. The brother of builder Paul Jameson became aware of the Jameson through our various communication channels and decided to return the Jameson back to the builder’s family.

We are excited to share those great & emotional news so shortly after the beginning of the Classic Cars Pop-Up Store.

You may find further information about the event HERE. 

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Autor: Martin Pieper

Martin Pieper schreibt als Redakteur regelmäßig für das Classic Trader Magazin. Neben der Begeisterung für klassische Automobile ist er leidenschaftlicher Motorradfahrer. Traumklassiker: Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3, Ducati 750SS

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12-Zylinder Unikat mit 1760 PS verkauft: 1975 Jameson Merlin

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