Season start at the Bremen Classic Motorshow 2019

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Once again a promoter is able to report a growing number of visitors. Compared to exhibitions of the previous year the Bremen Classic Motorshow 2019 displayed a considerable increase in attendance.

During the three-day event between the 31th of January and the 2nd of February 41.678 attendees visited the eight exhibition halls and the famous car park at Messe Bremen. Special exhibit areas were dedicated to US motorbikes, station wagons and the ever-growing segment of the youngtimer generation vehicles.

Season start at the Bremen Classic Motorshow 2019

As the German season kickoff event and probably the most down-to-earth oldtimer exhibition the Bremen Classic Motorshow always had a fixed spot in the event calendars of many enthusiasts. But the scene as well as the market is changing – which does not pass by Bremen without a trace. A couple of years ago it was possible to observe an exciting variety of vehicles from different epochs, by now the exhibits shown in Bremen mainly originated in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even the early 2000s – and so did the current fraction of visitors, enthusiasts and buyer.

Those who have been around a while state that the Bremen exhibition is suffering a loss in quality. Others see and praise the much younger audience, the understanding for thematic niches like motorbikes or US cars and above all the increase in the turnaround of goods.

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Challenges of the Bremen Classic Motorshow 2019

The scene is changing and nowhere else the signs are as noticeable as in Bremen. The elite of German colletors feels more and more drawn to smaller, more personal or international events like the Rétromobile in Paris or the Villa d’Este. Simultaneously newcomers and breakaways alike crave events with a diverse selection of vehicles for every wallet.

Therefore it is most important that fairs like the Bremen Classic Motorshow question themselves, trends and tendencies of the market and try to explore new ways and approaches as it was the case with this year’s special exhibitions areas for more affordable cars.

As a representation of this development the ASC’s booth stood out by its lack of visitor attendance. Meanwhile the stalls of motorsbike and autocycle clubs as well as the publishing house “Motorraver” by Helge Thomsen were surrounded by larger crowds, due to their display of exclusively selected cars which appeared in movies.

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