Bold Colours for the Win!

Mut zur Farbe

Yes, there was a time before black, silver, white and dark blue. The time before these colours dominated all vehicle productions can be called the era of „Bold Colours“. This is a plea for a more colourful streetscape of green, purple and orange. 

Nowadays a boring mix of the same few colours in an uncountable number of different shades can be found around every corner. Although even today there are trends towards different paint jobs, one can rarely find powerful colours on the street. Whenever a car sports camouflage or some matte foil, this can be described as a colourful highlight and is often present in the modified cars scene. To be honest, current manufacturers mostly concentrate on classic colours like silver, black, white, grey, brown or dark blue and green. Have you come across a bright yellow, green or purple car recently?

If you go back to the 60s and 70s, you will surely find plenty of colourful vehicles, from hatchbacks to sportscars. Having a distinctive colour was part of the very decision to buy a car, and nobody was surprised to see a bright orange Mercedes sedan at the traffic light. All those viper-green Porsches, purple Lamborghini Countachs, mars-red Golfs, turquoise Cadillacs and verde-pino Alfa Romeo Giulias played their role in building a colourful streetscape.

That is why we vote for more “Bold Colours” in today’s automotive world and encourage everybody to at least have a look at the alternatives to black and white.

Lancia Stratos HF Grün

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Renault R5 Turbo Blau

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Opel Manta Rot

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Porsche 911 Gelb

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TVR Chimaera Lila

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Datsun 240 Z Orange

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